Hotel Pet Sitting

Hotel or short-term rental pet sitting is one of our specialties. It is ideal for those travelers who need a pet sitter while they go out for dinner, attend an event, or have needs for a few hours.

Advance bookings are always recommended but we encourage you to reach out if you need help–if we cannot assist you, we may have a referral that can.

Pet Sitting service is available for Pet-Friendly Hotels and licensed Short-Term Rental properties.

Although we do welcome last minute bookings, we prefer advance arrangements for optimum health and safety.

We can recommend emergency veterinary service locally but encourage you to travel with veterinary medical paperwork and your normal veterinarian’s contact information.

If your pet nips, bites or resource guards (possessive or protect of you, food, or other items) please disclose this is advance for optimal safety.

Likewise, chewing, barking and reactive behaviors to other animals and humans should also be revealed for management purposes.

Disclosure is essential if you fail to disclose any known issues service will be declined on arrival. 

For the comfort of your dog and best management during travel, we recommend you travel with:

  • crate or exercise pen
  • seat belt or car seat if no crate is used
  • accident clean up solution
  • rags and towel
  • favorite toys
  • chew items
  • treats and normal food items
  • snug collar or harness
  • regular leash (non-retractable)
  • blanket or bed
  • dog brush
  • other dog hygiene aids
  • medications and flea/tick repellents

Due to the unique conservation and preservation areas here on the Monterey Bay Peninsula, dogs are not allowed at large and must be on leashes no longer than six-feet.

For more information see our description for Hourly Pet Sitting or reach out directly.