Dog Walking

Dog walking service (up to 30 minutes) is a perfect solution for people who work or simply cannot get their pet the activity it needs each and every day.

Fresh air, new sights and scents are a great therapeutic perk for all canines.

These walks are designed for individual attention so that your pet get the optimal mental stimulation and physical activity.

There are three different options available (normally determined by walker but you may make a special request):

  • Sniff n’ Stroll is a relaxed walk with a lot of sniffing (like reading the paper to catch up what is happening in the neighborhood).
  • Mutt Strut is a fast paced walk designed to burn off some energy.
  • Training Trek is a session designed to reinforce good mutt manners and to maintain trained behaviors.

Routes will vary and timely pet clean-up is a standard practice if your pet eliminates on the walk. (Please have clean up supplies readily available.)

Dog walking service is ideal for those who work at home, or at an office, and are scheduled in slots of time morning (approx 9am-11am) or lunch (approx Noon-2pm). Other times are available upon request based on availability.

Our standard of care is to not allow pets to pee or poop in private landscaped areas or in public business corridors.

Please note: Yard clean-up services are not part of this service. Although we do yard pick up in toilet areas, pre-existing excrement clean up will incur additional fees.