Pet Dog Sitting & Related Services

Pet sitting services availability are variable according to service areas. Below is a summary of all dog services offered. We invite you to ask about any service, even those that are not listed as we can often refer to other professionals if we don’t have someone who can help you.

Overnight Pet Dog Sitting

Overnight pet dog sitting services (all night) are our specialty. This service is ideal for the traveler since a pet sitter remains on-site with your pet overnight providing company for your pet and additional security for your home while you are away. Consecutive bookings qualify for a special over day add-on rate instead of drop-in services for a happier pet and larger blocks of time.

Onsite Over Day Pet Dog Sitting Supplement

Over day add-on pet dog sitting services is a supplemental service and the perfect solution when you book overnight pet care. This over day rate means a sitter is in and out of the premises during the day as well. (This supplement is available only to Club D VIP* members or when overnight services are booked)

Drop In Pet Care

In-home pet dog care drop-in visits (30 minutes per visit) are when the pet sitter drops-in to care for your pet while you are away. Feeding, watering, toileting and playtime are included. Recommended every 4-6 hours minimum.

In-Home Pet Dog Sitting & Supervision (Hourly)

Pet dog in-home sitting services are provided when you need a companion for a pet for longer periods of time during the day. Puppies, older dogs, and special circumstances are some of the situations where a pet needs additional care or time. (Minimum booking may apply.)

Hotel Pet Sitting (Hourly)

Pet dog hotel sitting services (3 hour minimum booking) are when a pet sitter takes charge of your pet at your hotel while you are in town on vacation. Usually a great choice for those who want to get away for a quiet dinner or special event and want to reduce stress, prevent damage, and keep the pet happy and secure with a good companion.

Dog Walking

Dog walking (30 minutes) is a perfect solution for people who work or simply cannot get their pet the activity it needs each and every day. Fresh air, new sights and scents are a great therapeutic perk for all canines.

Dog Excursions

Dog excursions are limited to Club D VIP members. These adventures are fun excursions off property to favorite places or part of an enrichment program of exposing your canine to new experiences so they are well rounded and acclimated to unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Dog Tutoring

Dog school and training support is available for those who are working with a trainer but that can’t seem to find the time in a work day to reinforce better behavior. You may want to ask about our Sit n’ Stay options when you book pet sitting services.

Happier Healthier Dog

Is your dog happy and healthy? These dog consultations cover a variety of topics including behavior, dietary assessment, environmental enrichment, safety and referrals to products and services for those who want a happier, healthier dog.

Pet Transportation Escort – Doggie Supervisor

Need a professional to escort your pet to a new location? Ask about air or ground transportation pet travel options for relocation, travel or pick up and delivery. Long excursions a specialty. (Not a pet taxi service.)