Drop In Pet Sitting

Drop In Pet Care

In-home pet dog care drop-in visits (up to 30 minutes per visit) are when the pet sitter drops-in to care for your pet while you are away.

Pet sitting services originally started as a way to keep pets away from off site locations where they might be exposed to disease (kennel cough, parvovirus, canine flu, etc.,) or parasites (fleas, roundworm, tapeworm, etc.,) or hazards from other animals.

The perks of in-home services also reduce stress on the pet since it remains if familiar surroundings and on a more normal routine.

Additionally, in and out activity tends to serve as an added benefit since mail, package and newspaper deliveries brought into the household make the property appear more normal instead of looking like it is vacated.

Feeding, watering, toileting and playtime are included.

Ideal time for visits is every 3-4 hours minimum for drop-in service.

For time frames of over 4 hours,  we recommend the overnight pet-sitting with the overday supplement for optimal pet comfort and emotional stability.