Carmel By The Sea 93921

Carmel By The Sea is know for its dog-friendly environment as well as some amazing pet amenities for distinguished dogs and discerning pet owners.DGinPG In Home Pet Sitters Carmel By The Sea - Carmel Point

You many have heard about the infamous Poodle Day Parade (held annually), the Monterey Peninsula’s only off-leash dog friendly beach, or the Mutt Menu at the Forge in the Forest Dog Pound Patio. Perhaps the Cypress Inn has you and your dog drooling for the pet-friendly amenities made famous by Doris Day?

Whatever the case, you will love this charming little village nestled near the Pacific Ocean. Once a magnet for bohemian creatives, today it is the preferred place for the rich and famous–and dog loving travelers!

Pet Sitters Near Carmel-By-The-Sea CA provide the following services to those who live in or are vacationing in Carmel By The Sea CA 93921 or Carmel CA 93923:

  • Pet Dog Hotel Sitter Services (4 hour minimum booking – hourly) are when a pet sitter takes charge of your pet at your hotel while you are in town on vacation. Usually a great choice for those who want to get away for a quiet dinner or special event and want to reduce stress, prevent damage, and keep the pet happy and secure with a good companion.
  • Pet Dog In-Home Sitter Services (4 hour minimum – hourly) are when you need a companion for a pet for longer periods of time during the day. Puppies, older dogs, and special circumstances are some of the situations where a pet needs additional care or time.
  • Overnight Pet Dog Care Services (all night) are ideal for the traveler since a pet sitter remains on-site with your pet overnight providing company for your pet and additional security for your home while you are away. Consecutive bookings qualify for a special over day add-on rate instead of drop-in services for a happier pet and larger blocks of time.
  • Overday Pet Dog Sitting Services (addon) is the perfect solution when you book overnight pet care. This over day rate means a sitter is in and out of the premises during the day as well.
  • Canine Concierge Service is available for those who need specialty care or other assistance.
  • Happy Healthier Dog Consultations (per session) cover a variety of topics including behavior, dietary assessment, environmental enrichment, safety and referrals to products and services for those who want a happier, healthier dog.

Carmel Dog Care Service Specialties

  • In-Home Overnight Pet Care
  • In-Home Overday Pet Care (only available with overnight pet care)
  • Hourly Pet Sitting (4 hour minimum)
  • Pet Excursions
  • Other Canine Concierge Services (by arrangement)

In 2019, our service menu was adapted to accommodate both Carmel-By-The-Sea and Carmel.

Carmel Pet Care Service Areas

  • Carmel Point
  • Carmel Meadows
  • Carmel Mission Fields

Carmel Pet Service By Referral

  • Carmel Golden Rectangle
  • Carmel Woods
  • Carmel High Meadows
  • Carmel Highlands

We do NOT service the following areas:

  • North East Carmel
  • North West Carmel
  • South East Carmel
  • Hatton Fields
  • Carmel Mid-Valley
  • Carmel Valley*

Due to the additional travel time needed, dog walks and drop-in service is only available upon special circumstances. For instance, we will consider servicing a neighborhood when 2 or more dog owners schedule service in adjacent time slots on the same days.

If you are referred in by another pet professional, or hotel professional, please disclose that on your initial call or message since we do make exceptions to assist your regular service provider.